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Mucky Coo

Mucky Coo


The painting:

76x76x4cm oil on canvas 

The story:

Mucky Coo, makes me happy and I hope it makes you happy too! Painted with bright colours of purples, pink, lime green and cerrulean blue it is sure to brighen any space.  Mucky coo's have something amazing about them, maybe its because they look good even when they have messy hair and its windy outside. No bad hair day for those guys.


Part of the 'In the Kingdom' Collection which focuses on all animals and their impact on our lives. My animal paintings focus on the human nature connection as I belive when engaged with animal world we can lear enormous amount from them.


Giving Back:

10% of sale will be donated to charitable cause of our choice. 

   Katarzyna Stasiak © 2019. All Rights Reserved. All contents of this website are intellectual property of the artist. 

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