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''Art has always been in my life, as long as I remember I would turn to art to find peace in my happy place. And my hope is to share this inner sanctuary with the viewer. ''

My formal training is in architecture and I do love my job , but it is through painting that I experience complete stillness within my soul. I guess I could compare this to someone meditating or praying.  Paining and drawings has helped me through some dark moments over the years and I have turned to art to regain my strength many times over and over. Each painting if filled with endless conversations, thoughts and emotions. I hope you can feel them too. Although over the years I have painted different subjects from architecture and landscapes through shoes ( yes) to Vogue frogs ( laughing but true) , animals are closest to my heart. When I paint I connect with the subject, I get to think about their nature and what they represent. In essence my paintings are attempt at capturing stillness of the moment, when one feels the deeper connection with the nature, almost like walking through the fog, when all the unnecessary noise is silenced out. 

When I finish each painting I like to place it somewhere I can see it throughout the day, for a bit before it finds new home. I will stare at it whilst drinking my first coffee in the morning... and the peace I feel when I paint returns.... I know that the painting is ready when I can reach this stillness. 

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