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92x122x4cm oil on canvas 


The story:

Journey .

          Oil  on canvas, 92x122x4cm



Life is a journey.  Inspired by the elephants of Thula Thula, rescued by late  Anthony Lawrence and his wife Francois Melby, in Durban, South Africa. This painting is about journey of the elephants to their happy place, where they are safe. It’s also about my own journey to becoming who I am, meeting the herd and coming back changed forever. This painting took over two years to complete, with numerous versions and colours , but I couldn’t get the feel for it, until I met the elephants , Nana and her herd. Upon my return from the visit to Thula Thula reserve I was inspired to complete this painting and it all fell into place. Almost as if I needed to meet the elephants before completing this painting. Out meeting was the final, missing  piece.   

I hope this painting will inspire you to look into your journey so far, and think about all the events that shaped you as the person you are today, with gratitude.


Part of the 'Hope' Collection which focuses on endangered species, those that need our focus the most, but also restoring the hope in humanity for the efforts that are put into conservation of Wildlife and Nature.


Giving Back:

10% of sale will be donated to charitable cause of our choice.  I will let you know which charity the donation has been made from your sale. This way we both know that together we can make the difference.

   Katarzyna Stasiak © 2019. All Rights Reserved. All contents of this website are intellectual property of the artist. 

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