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I see you

I see you

SKU: 3025

100x100x4cm oil on canvas 


The story:

I see you, I hope I do, and I hope you see her too. She's fearless, she's ready, but she's also still and connected. We have lost connection with nature soemwhere down the line, years ago. With each painting of nature's amazing creatures, I try to reconnect me and you to the nature. I connect with my subject when I paint, I think what they might be feeling , I feel part of something bigger than me.  I hope you can feel it too.


Part of the 'Hope' Collection which focuses on endangered species, those that need our focus the most, but also restoring the hope in humanity for the efforts that are put into conservation of Wildlife and Nature.


Giving Back:

10% of sale will be donated to charitable cause of our choice.  I will let you know which charity the donation has been made from your sale. This way we both know that together we can make the difference.

   Katarzyna Stasiak © 2019. All Rights Reserved. All contents of this website are intellectual property of the artist. 

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