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SKU: 3027

The painting:

70x70x4cm oil on canvas  ( unframed)


The story:

' Hazel' (the Cow) is the quiet one in the family, but shes the friend that we all need in our lives. Balanced, thoughful and with biggest heart you will ever know. We can always count on Hazel to be there when we need her the most. Whether it is to offer a shoulder to cry on, or pair of ears to really  listen to us.  Or simply someone to make us laugh when we've had a bad day.


Part of the 'Farm life' series of Animal Kingdom. Inspired by a recent visit to a working farm in Surrey Hills and my childhood memories of summer holidays spent with our cousins on their farm. I saw how happy the animals and farmlife has made my younger daughter and it reminded me off all those happy times I have spent on the farm as a child. It was small family run farm, where each animal was part of the family.  This collection is all about love of animals , their individual personalities and the happy feelings that I felt as a child being around animals. I hope I get to project this through the work and that you can feel it too. 


Giving Back:

10% of sale will be donated to charitable cause of our choice. We will let you know which charity we have made donation from this sale so that you know that together we have made a differerence. 


   Katarzyna Stasiak © 2019. All Rights Reserved. All contents of this website are intellectual property of the artist. 

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