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The story:



92x92x4cm oil on canvas , on mixed media base 



'Encounter ' limited edition giclee print using archival inks on archival 315g/m2 cotton paper. Available in following sizes and editions: Large- 61x61cm with 2cm white border/ Edition size 25 plus 3AP's Medium -with mount- 50x50cm ( 5cm mount around, image size 38cm x38cm)-Edition size 50Medium no mount- 40x40cm ( inlcludes 2cm white border, image size 36x36cm)/Edition size 50 The story:I have always imagined the moment of meeting elephants of Thula Thula as magical. It was on our first drive when we met the whole herd grazing on old sugar cane land. It was a dream come true. I have found a piece of my soul in that moment. This painting is inspired by one of the morning encounters in the trees, where elephants were feeding. We didn's see the whole herd but we met three boys in the trees. One of them was sniffing us out. We were so close, heart racing, but at the same time we felt safe amongs them....They were curious of us and came closer almost touching with their trunks. I'd like to think that they knew they were safe with us, knowing that we love and care about them. Part of the 'Hope' Collection which focuses on endangered species, those that need our focus the most, but also restoring the hope in humanity for the efforts that are put into conservation of Wildlife and Nature.Giving Back:10% of sale will be donated to charitable cause of our choice. I will let you know which charity the donation has been made from your sale. This way we both know that together we can make the difference.

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